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Patented. Powerful. Proven.

O&T Farms offers superior feed ingredients through our innovative dry extrusion technology and research and development program. All products are made with our highest standards of quality to provide animals with a highly digestible, palatable and healthy feed ingredient.

Patented Dry Extrusion Process

Our unique dry extrusion process blends oil seeds and vegetable proteins to produce easily digestible feed ingredients with high energy and superior protein.
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How Dry Extrusion Works

  • Oilseeds rupture through heat and friction
  • Cell wall of the seeds break down
  • Oil is released from the seed and gelatinized in the starch source
  • Results in flowable mash form with improved digestibility and product stability
  • Effects of Dry Extrusion on Nutritional Value of Feed

Energy- stabilizes oil in starch source reducing the risk of oxidation

  • Protein- increases availability of amino acids
  • Anti-nutritional factors are dissipated
  • Aflatoxin, Ureases and Trypsin inhibitors are neutralized

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